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Cultural Enrichment

Our onboard cultural enrichment program is curated to supplement your experiences ashore, bringing local culture and history to life.

Guest Lecturers

Our guest lecturers expertly shed light on your destination’s art, architecture, music, geopolitics, natural world and more. Their informative lectures help you fully engage with the culture and gain insight into the history of the places you visit, allowing for a more enriching experience as you explore.

Destination Performances

Each Viking itinerary includes one or more Destination Performances representing the most iconic cultural performing art form of the region—whether it be Portuguese fado, with its melancholy melodies and poignant lyrics; Viennese opera, a centuries-old storytelling art form; or world-renowned Mariinsky Theatre performers from St. Petersburg.

Port Talks

Amsterdam. Budapest. Paris. Prague. St. Petersburg. Gain an overview of your next day’s port of call through informative multimedia presentations covering the history and culture of your destination, as well as highlights of must-see landmarks. And feel prepared for each new day of exploration with a deeper understanding of the places you will visit.

Cooking & Craft Demonstrations

Our cooking demonstrations present recipes of regional treats and drinks—Austrian apple strudel, Rüdesheim Coffee and more—so you can take the flavors of your destinations home with you. And our craft demonstrations reveal the time-honored traditions of local artisans, from glassblowing and lace making to silk screen printing and wooden shoemaking.

Wine Tastings

Viking believes cuisine and wine are part of the journey—both engage your senses and open a window to the traditions and essence of a place. During our wine tastings, we introduce you to a wide selection of regional wines, as well as vintages crafted by our own Viking vintner.

Classical & Regional Musicians

From local ensembles to acclaimed choirs, we invite on board a wide range of talented musicians to perform well-known and lesser-known melodies. We hope their music will lift your spirit, soothe your soul and add to your onboard enrichment.