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Your journey with Viking is about to begin. View the following brochures by downloading the PDFs below. Enjoy!

  • View from the Aquavit Terrace on Viking Longships with text overlay "Viking 2020 River Cruises brochure for Europe, Russia, Ukraine, China, Southeast Asia and Egypt"

    2020 River Cruises

    The 2020 River Cruises brochure gives detailed schedules and highlights of all 2020 itineraries. Set sail on a journey that will awaken, nourish and expand your mind, allowing you to explore the world in comfort.

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  • Photo of small town built on the rocky port of a mountainous area for Viking 2019 and 2020 Ocean Cruises for Scandinavia & Northern Europe, The Americas & Caribbean, Asia, Australia & New Zealand, The Mediterranean & Incomparable Grand Voyages.

    2020 – 2021 Ocean Cruises

    This brochure provides detailed schedules and highlights of Viking's Ocean Cruise itineraries for 2020-2021. Discover the world’s landscapes and cultures aboard an extraordinarily well-designed cruise.

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  • Photo of Viking Cruises Brochure with big texts - World Cruises & Grand Voyages

    World Cruises & Grand Voyages

    Our 2020–2021 Grand Voyages Collection showcases exceptional opportunities for exploration. These World Cruises are fusions of some of our most popular itineraries, allowing guests to explore a vast array of destinations in one seamless journey.

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  • Wanderlust Sale

    Wanderlust Cruise Sale

    Our Wanderlust Cruise Sale brochure features fantastic offers on an extensive selection of Viking’s river and ocean cruises – the perfect way to ignite discerning Australian cruisers’ sense of wanderlust.

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