Onboard Enrichment

Onboard experiences designed to optimize onshore discovery.

  • Guest Lectures & Port Talks

    Complement your onshore experiences with our onboard lecture program, designed to shed light on your destination’s art, architecture, music, geopolitics, natural world and more. Also, gain an overview of your next day’s port of call through informative multimedia presentations covering the history and culture of your destination, as well as highlights of must-see landmarks.

  • Destination Performances

    Each Viking itinerary includes one or more Destination Performances representing the most iconic cultural performing art form of the region—whether it be Portuguese fado with its melancholy melodies and poignant lyrics; or Viennese opera.

  • Craft & Cooking Demonstrations

    Local artisans demonstrate time-honored craft traditions of your destinations, such as glassblowing, lace making and wooden shoemaking. Our culinary demonstrations present recipes of regional treats and drinks—Austrian apple strudel, Rüdesheim Coffee and more.

  • Classical & Regional Musicians

    From local ensembles to acclaimed choirs, we invite on board a wide range of talented musicians to perform well-known and lesser-known melodies. We hope you will find yourself transported by their performances and enjoy some of the benefits of classical music—lifting your spirit, soothing your soul and adding to your onboard enrichment.

  • Destination Insights

    Join us for a special series of short films, screening on your stateroom television, intended to inform you about the iconic destinations and little-known gems you will be visiting. This series provides insights and information intended to deepen your understanding—and enjoyment—of the time ahead, and perhaps encourage you to engage with your destinations in a way you otherwise would not have.

  • Viking Curated Library

    The onboard Library was curated by Heywood Hill, an independent London bookseller and Royal Warrant holder, who dedicated hundreds of hours to understanding the unique, inquisitive nature of our guests. From art to history to destination-focused reading, each book was hand-selected to enhance your experience, both on board and at your destination.